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GFN (God, Family, Nature)
Deanna's latest 5 song CD:

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1. Let's Get High
2. Love Won't
3. Rare Desert Rain
4. The Garden
5. Pure Grace

$10.00 USD

Original material recorded between 2006-07
1. Train Wreck
2. Big City's Goin' Country
3. This Ol Heart
4. Take Off Them Boots
5. Move Over (Janis Joplin cover)
6. You


shim Watch video of Deanna's performances on Rockstar:INXS

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"WELCOME TO MY LIVING ROOM" Take a peek into this quirky, unique artist's living room as she performs two of her latest songs off her new CD available for purchase.

"NASHVILLE STAR AUDITION 2008 THAT WAS NEVER SUBMITTED" Watch Deanna's Audition Tape for Nashville Star that she never ever submitted!!!!

"CAN YOU DUET AUDITION 2008, THAT AGAIN, WAS NEVER SUBMITTED" Watch Deanna's Audition Tape for CMT's Can You Duet that again, she never submitted.

Watch video of "You" (PC)
Watch video of "You" (mac)

Shot in her house and backyard in Los Angeles!!!!!