JUNE 23rd, 2010
Well I'm so embarassed that I haven't updated my website for over a year!
I'm so sorry!!!!  The Latest: I have just signed a management contract with
Melody McDondald Management.  I will be working on new material
for an EP in the next few months.  Looking forward to 'gettin' at it'!!!!  

NOVEMBER 17th, 2009
Please join me this FRIDAY, NOV 20th staring at 6:30pm to the weee 
hours of the night for a FABULOUS CHRISTMAS PARTY for 
GEORGE ROBINSON.  George has put together a line up of some 
of his favorite Nashville Artists and Songwriters and I am honoured 
to be one of them!!  There's going to be giveaways, lots of drink 
specials and an all you can eat appetizer buffet for $10 bucks.  
WHERE: The Listening Room, Nashville, TN.  
More info on my GIG page.

OCTOBER 7th, 2009
Hey everyone!! I'm going to be performing on a cool show called 
Nashville, TN starting at 8pm.  It's a once a month concert series 
featuring edgy female artists. A night that celebrates kick-ass, in your
face performances from women that don’t wait for permission or 
approval for anything. This months line up features Mattina Scarpino, 
Deanna Johnston, Greta Gaines & Stacie Collins. 
MORE INFO: http://www.myspace.com/crazybitchnight

AUGUST 1st, 2009
Hey everyone!! Wow, been a while since I blogged.  I've been
putting a newsletter together each month called SWAMPRRAWKS'
Hope you've been receiving it.  Any suggestions or comments are 
welcomed!!!!!  - Deanna

MAY 8th, 2009
Hi!!! Just wanted to share a recent review of my EP, 'GFN'
By David Pierce at Today's Country Magazine
LINK: http://www.todayscountrymag.com/deannajohnstoncd.htm

Enjoy your day!!!
- D -

APRIL 23rd, 2009
Howdy everyone!!!! How are you all?  Finally winter 
is over, well where i'm at at least!!  As the spring emerges
and brings news smells and warm air, I find myself re-thinking
my entire existence here on earth.  Or course 'at my age' that'll
happen as well, haaa!!!  I had a birthday last month that sort of
knocked the wind our of me!!! But I'm over it now, heeeeeee!!!!

Well thanks to Jaunty and Rose, (two amazing women who have
helped me so much with my career behind the scenes),  I have
my first ever OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER coming out MAY1st
called 'SWAMP BYTES'!!!!! Whoohhhoooooo!!! Please look for
it in your inbox.  If you haven't signed up to receive my emails
please simply email me at info@deannajohnston.net and I'll sign
you up.

Have a WONDERFUL Spring everyone, it's a beautiful time of year!!!

    - D -

DECEMBER 17th, 2008
Hey y'all!!! Sorry i haven't been blogging consistently....
been in Egypt, and Sarajevo!!! Did another Canadian Forces
Tour!! 'Wow', and 'holy crap' are the best words to describe
the trip!!!! Egypt was so different than I thought it would be.
It was sooooo busy, frantic, crazy, outta control, and dirty.
There are thousands of buildings, all red brick, unfinished
with long steel poles sticking out of the tops with no roof.
Apparently it's to avoid having to pay gov't taxes if they're
homes are still a 'work in progress'. The streets and driving
was LIFE THREATENING, I swear I'm not exaggerating!!!!
I've never experienced driving on roads and highways like
that. 3 lanes marked for traffic but 5 lanes of cars actually
driving, literally an inch apart, horns blowing constantly with
donkeys and bikes and children all over the streets.
The pyramids of course were amazing and very humbling
as well as the sphinx and riding a camel, but the market
was another story!!! I was sooooo uncomfortable shopping
with soooo much going on, tons of people, VERY pushy
sales MEN, (no women selling), again sooooo frantic and
noisy and spastic!!!!!! I love that I got to experience it,
but was sooo uncomfortable. The men in Egypt are
not like American men, I'll leave it at that, I couldn't buy
one thing, I'm not aggressive enough to barter......!!!!!!!

Sarajevo is still very battered and torn down from the
recent war, especially around the airport, but downtown
was actually quite beautiful and 'European', hip, sophisticated,
lot's of people out dining and shopping. The architecture was
stunning. We stood on the bridge where WWI started!!!
Check out all the photos I posted on my myspace page.

I feel very blessed to be able to experience these cultures
all 'cause I can sing!!! Still shocking everyday that I'm 'still' a
'singer'.....I know you probably are all thinking I'm crazy, weird,
but singing wasn't a natural, early gift......didn't start til 22....

Christmas here again, already, it can't be!! Wow!!!! Are you
ready? I'm not...but I'm excited, t's truly a great time of year.
I get to go home and visit with my family who I miss soo much
living so far from them.....So how's everyone??? What's new?
What are you happy to leave behind in 2008?

Well, y'all have a GREAT Holiday!!!!! Actually 'screw' that,
MERRY CHRISTMAS, there you have it, I believe in Jesus!!!!!!
If it's offensive, too bad.

Check out this latest review at Zeitgeist by Stuart A. Hamilton.
LINK: http://www.the-rocker.co.uk/

September 16, 2008
Hey everyone!!! Man, i can't believe it's FALL!!!
How did this happen? I mean really, where has 2008
gone? Oh well enough griping...I wanted to say hi to
all the Rockbandlounge folks!! How y'all doing???
What's new? Me???...hmmm, i'm good, working hard,
always it seems, guess we all are though right?
I just started a new company/concert series called
WOMEN ON FIRE with two other people. It's a way
to combine my corporate music world with my own
original material, and best of all, a way to possibly
make a difference in womens lives by inspiring and
lifting through music. Our website is in its infant
stages but up: www.joinwomenonfire.com or
www.myspace.com/joinwomenonfire Check it
out if you get a chance. Hey, Halloween is coming...
what are you going to dress up as?

On another note: THANK YOU to all my friends, family
and supporters, you all are great!! i cant tell you how
much your support and enthusiasm means to me.....
wow, you keep me going....it's getting harder and
harder to 'want this life' if you know what i mean....
a woman's clock starts tickin'!!!!!! So thank you for believing
in me and giving me inspiration to keep going...
- Deanna -

August 17th, 2008
HELLO!!!! How y'all doing??? I'm grossed out that
summer is approaching it's end!! Back to School add
campaigns make me ill!! Haa!!! I remember all too well
how that felt to have to go back to school...summer was
always tooo short!!!! Nothin's changed!!!!

Hmmm, let's see what's new...hmmm, well I just had the
privelidprivilegeing back ground vocals with Loverboy last
week in Dallas, TX. What an honour to share the stage
with a band that I LOVED waaayy back when!!!! Mike Reno
still sings his a _ _ off!!!! Seriously, if you get a chance to go
see'em, do it!! They had sooo many great tunes, it really is
an awesome show to see. They're new album is GREAT as
well, pick it up!!!!

Speaking of albums, i'm starting a new one!! I know I just
finished my EP, but I wanna keep it going and do another
and another and another, yeah!!!! Ideally, I'd love to put out
an EP every 6 months, financially that's tough to do, but
maybe with your help!??!?!?!? If I can sell enough of 'GFN'
(my latest EP) then that one can pay for the next and so on.....
so please go to my website and buy one, it's under $10,
Christmas is coming!!!!!
Click on the "merch" button below...

AND, thank you sooooooo much to those of you who already
bought my CD's!!!! Until we 'blog' again.......D

July 24th, 2008
Howdy Everyone!!!! How y'all doing??? What's new???
Me? Well, I'm in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
performing in a show until JULY 30th. It's called '6 Chix'.
It's promoted as '6 of Nashville's Hottest up and Coming
Female Singer Songwriters'. Having a blast getting to
know the girls, really enjoying very much having
unlimited room service and running every morning next
to the power and beauty of the falls. Of course with a
show like this there's always lot's of other 'stuff'
happening behind the scenes!!!!! @#$%@#%^#%^
The demographic of the show goers here are 50+
it seems, not my usual crowd, but enjoying the
smiling faces!!!! I do miss and love being here on
Canadian soil. I have family coming in tonight,
looking forward to seeing them!!!!!!

ALSO, I had a really fun 'at home' interview recently
with Dr. Music (www.drmusic.org). Check out the link:
You can also find it here: www.drmusic.org/ReviewoftheWeek.html

Well, that's about it y'all....have a GREAT day!!!! - D -

July 3rd, 2008
Happy July 4th everyone. Please BE SAFE!!! Eat lots of hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream...oh yeah, and beer!!!!! And of course to my Canadian folks, Happy July 1st!!!! Eh!!!!!!



April 21st, 2008
Yeah, finally spring is here, get outa the house!!!!!
So come see me 'SWAMP ROCK' a BILLY BLOCK show
this coming TUESDAY, APRIL 22nd at 10pm
Cadillac Ranch, Nashville TN
Shawn Rorie - guitar
Robby Wilson - bass
Jared Ribble - drums
Josh Methany - dobro
David Dorn - keys

I should also have my CD back from the printer & available for purchase at the show!!!! Hope to see you there, your support is invaluable!!! - D -

April 8th, 2008
YEAH!! It's done, my new EP, just waiting to get it back from the printer!! Whoooooooooohoooooo!!!!

Also, I have some shows coming up in APRIL if you're in the 615 area code: (click on image to see full size flyer)

February 4, 2008
Click on the image below to see a flyer of my upcoming shows!

January 21, 2008
Happy New Year Everyone!!! 2008 here it is. Time to work hard, focus, live, love, be thankful, be gracious, be humble, create, write, record, be healthy........So thankful to all of those who continue to support and encourage me. I'm currently working on a new EP, scheduled to be finished in early 2008. Shawn Rorie (www.myspace.com/shawnrorie) and I are VERY excited about what we're creating and can't wait to share it with you all.

December 11, 2007
Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while since I've updated my website! 2007 definitely sped by like a 'train wreck comin' down the track', haa, haa!!!! But it was a great year, full of new experiences, tremendous growth and opportunities both on a personal level as well as musically. My life and heart has been renewed and enriched by my experiences and the people here in Nashville as well as by my long time Los Angeles friends. I have many goals for 2008, one is definitely FINALLY getting some new music out there!!!

I have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings in my life. Amazing friends, family and love. Thank you so much everyone for continuing to believe in me and support me. That means everything and truly keeps me going. So, Happy Holidays everyone, may your 2008 be filled with JOY and PEACE!!
Love D

Christmas Greeting (pdf file)...

July 10th, 2007
Hey y'all!! If you're near a TV on July 10th,
be sure to tune into SINGING BEE! on NBC!!
It's a new, fun, energetic game show!!!!
I'm one of the featured singers in the house band.
More Info: www.nbc.com/Fall_Preview/The_Singing_Bee/

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

May 12, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

January 27, 2007

Hey y'all? You into the REAL CLASSIC ROCK SOUND?
Want to give you a heads up about a really talented,
cool band called 'Heaven and Earth'. These guys rock
and are the REAL DEAL!! If you're into the great singers
and guitar players of the classic rock era, check 'em out!!
Please!!!!! They just finished making a DVD. It's so cool,
I just bought it!!! Here's the link if you're interested:

Heaven and Earth are:
Stuart Smith - guitar
Richie Onori - drums
Keith St. John - vocals
Stu Simone - keyboards
Joe Petro - bass

More Info on the DVD:
The "Making of Heaven & Earth" DVD will include interviews,
previously unseen live and studio footage, both acoustic and
electric, featuring: Stuart Smith & Richie Onori (Heaven
& Earth), Keith Emerson (E.L.P.), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi),
Bobby Kimball (Toto), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow),
Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Kelly Hansen (Foreigner),
Jay Schellen (Hurricane/Asia), Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart/
Jeff Beck/Vanilla Fudge) and many others.

The DVD features over 4 hours of footage including an in
depth breakdown of the writing and recording of each song
as well as Live Shows, Production & Equipment Info, Stories &
Shenanigans, Bloopers, Photo Gallery as well as many other

January 17, 2007

Well, holy crap, 12th & Porter Monday night was
AMAZING again!! The band were KILLER! Man, I"m soo
blessed to be working with these guys, theyr'e so good.
HOT!!! Thanks Shawn, Rich, Kurt, Robby, Jay,
Jimmy and Tina!!!! Also, thank you all sooo much
who came out to support, it means sooo much and
it's so important!! We had a blast, y'all were great
with your hollerin'!!! Yeah!! We'll do it again real soon,
maybe more than 6 tunes next time!!!!
Thanks 12th & Porter, again for hosting!!!
Man, Riker thanks so much for comin' out and video
taping and shooting photos!!! So thankful for that.
Cant wait to post it all!!!
Love D

January 3, 2007

Hey y'all!! Happy 2007!!! Here we are, we made it!!!
I'm sittin' here at JFK waitin' for my flight to Nashville.
Wow, that's gonna take some gettin' used to, livin' in Nashville now!!!

My trip to the Persian Gulf to Perform on the Canadian Navy Ship
'The Ottawa', with Ty and Suzie, was FANSTASTIC!!!
We had three very cool, fun shows!!! Holy crap, wow,
amazing, so cool...just like our trip to Afghanistan, this
one was also such a great experience. I can't say enough
about the hospitatlity we were given. Y'all were awesome!!!!
Thank you sooo much for lettin' us on the ship and showing us
around. I had never been on a Navy ship, it was beautiful!!
Wow!!! So cool!!! I feel so blessed for these Canadian Forces Shows.
Thanks you guys so much!!!! Thanks Lori, Kim Ann and Mark for
making it happen and looking after us!!! Thanks Suzie and Ty,
always a pleasure to perform with y'all!!! I'll be posting video and
photos soon.

December 14, 2006

Hey y'all, Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!!!
2006 has been an amazing year. I feel so blessed to
have my supporters with me each step of the way,
inspiring and encouraging me!!! Y'all have been amazing,
I'm so thankful!!! Let's continue on this journey together,
2007 will FINALLY be the year I release my CD,
so hang in there just a while longer!!!!
Have a FANTASTIC Holiday, love D!!!!

December 9, 2006

I'm BACK!!! Oh, my crap.....I had the most unbelievable
time in Afghanistan with some wonderful Canadian performers,
and truly inspiring soldiers!!!!! 'They' said it was gonna be life
changing and it absolutely was. Words simply can't express
the way I feel. The clarity and humbleness that have come
from being there are extreme and so welcomed. Mannnnnn,
these soldiers completely humbled me, inspired me, made
me look deep inside and take inventory!!! I was blown
away by their positive, upbeat, friendly, determination.
I appreciated so much talking to them one one one, and
getting to know them. I have never really understood folks
who 'willingly' go into the military and chose that path,
but I have reached a new understanding and such great
respect for them. I feel so blessed and honored to have
had this opportunity, truly!!! I want to go back, I almost
NEED to go back and be there to support. Even if only for
a moment I was able to help them forget where they are
what they deal with on a daily basis, it was worth every
mile I travelled and the uneasiness I felt about being there.
Music and y'all in Afghanistan have blessed me beyond words.
Thank you for all that you do and for allowing me the
opportunity of a lifetime........I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!

October 5, 2006

Holy Crap, is all I can say about my trip to Nashville!!
The showcase was AMAZING!!! First, I gotta thank Shawn, Rich,
Kurt, Robby, Jay, Jimmy & Van. These cats are unbelievable musicians.
We had instant chemistry and ROCKED the place HARD!!
It was one of the best experiences I've ever had on stage.
I absolutely can't wait to do it again!!!! Thank you y'all so much
for undeniable magic we shared on stage!!! Also, gotta thank Pat,
Amy, Tina, Stephanie, John Briggs, Jason Krupek, Bill and Phyllis for
all your support and help and belief!!! 12th & Porter in Nashville,
love you guys!! Thanks John for coming out too, so cool to meet
and hang with you, and Kyle!!!! I can't wait to get back to Nashville
......love it there!!!!
Love, D

September 20, 2006

Hey y'all!!! Check out this amazing email sent to me
this morning from a fan. I am so humbled and appreciative of the fans.
Y'all keep me going!!!!! Please know that!! Love, D

"Hey Deanna...........how have you been? It's so nice to
see that you are moving on with your career despite the
ignorance of INXS not choosing you for their band!!!
I don't know if you remember us or not, (I'm sure you
have quite a large group of fans by now), but we are
the little family out in Cloverdale, Indiana that loved
you during Rock Star INXS and STILL love you!
My daughter brags at school every time we receive
an e-mail from you and when you personally responded
back to her e-mail, she printed it off and has it hanging
in her room and in her locker at school!! All of my kids
are very musically inclined, we have a "music room" in
our house that contains a 15 piece drum set that my 7
year old can play better than alot of people I see on t.v.
these days...........we also have an electric guitar and
accoustic (sp?) guitar that he plays. He plays the
harmonica as well! My daughter plays drums, saxophone
and keyboards and my oldest son (15 yrs) plays trumpet,
baritone, drums, harmonica and guitar. They all love you
to death along with my husband and I. We watched the
entire season of Rockstar Super Nova that just came to an
end last week and honestly did not see ONE person out of
the whole group of 15 that came even close to being the
performer that you are! We just wanted to send you a
quick e-mail since we haven't in awhile to let you know
that we still adore you, talk about you always and haven't
forgotten you! I hope everything is going great for you!

We Love You Deanna!!"

The Wellington's
Mike, Jonra, Justeena, Mikie & Zarek

September 19, 2006

Have you booked your Holiday Christmas Party yet???
Did you know that I perform at Christmas Parties every year?
We have a blast!!! If you're interested in booking me and my band,
the LA ALLSTARS for any event, please email me for availability
and pricing!!! For more information on the LA ALLSTARS:
Later, D

September 18, 2006

Hey!!! Hope you're diggin' the new tunes???
I've been writing almost exclusively with two other
people, Shawn Rorie, who I've been working with
since getting off RockStar:INXS and Tina Springham,
a fellow Canadian and artist. The three us call our writing
team 'Copper River Music'. If you get a chance check us
out on myspace and be our friend!!!

For more info on Tina Springham:

For more info on Shawn Rorie:

September 17, 2006

Hey ya'll!! As you know, I'm endorsing a KILLER microphone
company, MXL ELECTRONICS!! Here's a couple of press articles
out there for ya to read if you're interested??? One is on the
cover of Pro Sound News magazine, the other is in Performing
Songwriter Magazine. Here's the link:

Later ya'll!!!, D

September 13, 2006

Well, since CBS played Lukas's song during a commercial
before the end of RS last night it was pretty obvious
who was gonna win!! So that sucked, not having the
anticipation, the drama of wondering how it all was
gonna end!! Oh, well, someone screwed up.
I was seriously dissapointed though, not that Lukas
isn't cool and worthy to be fronting the band,
but come on Supernova, y'all go on and on about
how rock is unpredicatble and taking chances,
blah, blah, blah, well Lukas was the 'safe' obvious choice.
Why couldn't you have taken a risk, been a pioneer
and chosen a woman!!! Bring back 'real' rock, with a
'real' woman fronting. Remember bands like Heart,
Stevie Nicks, Jefferson Airplane, etc. etc.
Dilana is increadibly unique with her look and her voice.
She's unpredictable, has an ego, then can be sweet,
dresses like a goth Ciny Lauper, sounds like a cross
between Stevie Nicks and Kim Carnes, she's energetic,
sexy at times, even awkward, odd almost asexual at
times, she's controversial...!!!! She's someone you
wanna see, hear, figure out, chat with etc. etc.
Come on Supernova, I think, you would have had
WAAAYYYY more fans and support with her as your
front person. Lukas, has such a cool vibe and look,
and I get that he's sort of a retro 80's cat, which is back!!,
especially the way he sings, but for me, it's not my thing.
Vocally, I just can't listen to an album with a voice like
that, I couldn't go see a concert either. BUT, with the
right producer, to really direct Lukas, and reign him in,
it could work????? He did show glimpses of other
characteristics to his voice. Toby, certainly would
have drawn all the ladies, great pitch and intonnation
as a singer, but again, stylistically, not really my thing.
Dilanah should have won!! But here's the good news,
let's hope that the record companies see her marketability,
hear her unique voice, know of her already well established
fan base, not be afraid of her age, or her being on a reality
TV show, and give her a shot!!! Come on, step up, someone
be in the forefront and get a 'real' rock singer on your roster!!!
This is a singles market, use the internet, save money by
notr ecording and entire ablum in a overpriced, fancy studio,
sign her, and if you don't, well then sign me!!!!

September 5, 2006

Holy CRAP!! Went to NASCAR in Fontana
here in California this weekend.
Seriously unbelievable!! Amazing!!!
What a rush, so powerful, now I get it,
I'm hooked, I'm a fan!!!! Thanks Shawn
and Pat for a really cool experience....D

August 20, 2006

Got to see a very cool show this past Friday night at
a very cool, new rock club here in LA. The club is
band performed a rockin', tight set!!! Joe's voice is
wicked, even better than ever!!!! So great to hear
'Stone Cold' in person. Another great band on stage
that night, 'HEAVEN & EARTH', featuring Stuart Smith.
Oh, yes, and I was invited up to sing a tune as well,
very cool!!! Also, performing that night was Howard
Leese, guitar player for Heart, he also tours with
Paul Rodgers right now. Howard is releasing an album
in the next few months and I'm lucky enough to be
singing on a track and wrote it with Howard, it's awesome!!!!!

August 12, 2006

Yeah baby!!!! That's about all I can say about the
RockStar Road Shows up in Canada!!! Great turnout,
killer Band (The Sean Cotton Band), and of course
Suzi, Mig, Tara, and Ty were all so amazing and great.
It was an honour performing with them all again!
Such a great show, all of us performing together,
wow!!!! Thanks so much to Michael Bacon for setting
the whole thing up........we're gonna do more shows,
so keep checking in.....D

July 28, 2006

Today is my Dad's Birthday y'all!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!

I'm off to Canada, specifically Kingston and
Burlington, to do some shows with Ty Taylor, Mig
Ayesa, Suzie McNeil and Tara Slone!! Can't wait to
perform with them!! Come on out and see us!!
It's gonna ROCK!!

July 21, 2006

Hey folks!! I'm doing live TVj sessions at
www.buddyTV.com, chattin' about RockStar:SuperNova!!!!
I'll be chattin' during the show. Join me!!
It'll be fun!!! Later, D

July 15, 2006

Oh my goodness, NASHVILLE ROCKS!!!!
I LOVED it there. Amazing people, trees, lakes, cool
architecture. I seriously loved it. It may be a home
for me in the future??!! We'll see....So many people to
thank who helped me out, but mostly Jason Krupek, this
guy is a doll, such a sweet heart! Thanks so much
Jason for everything!!! I'll be back in Nashville
within a month!!! Hopefully. Thanks Van Preston too,
for getting us a couple of gigs, you rock!!!!

June 27, 2006

Hey, Cisco, had a GREAT time performing in Vegas for
y'all!!! Thank you, thank you!!! Thanks Vinny and
Chris for having us, we had a blast!! Let's do it
again sometime. - D -

June 20, 2006

Checked out INXS last Saturday night.
They were GREAT, really tight, so many hit songs,
it's a fun concert to see. Also, always cool seeing
the band and re-living my RockStar experience!!!!
It's really hard to explain how it feels to see JD up
there, our little JD, and hear INXS songs after such a
wild experience. JD was GREAT by the way!!
He's looking and sounding really
great, definitely the man for the job.
I'm realizing though that I'll never be able to
hear INXS tunes the same way ever again
and really enjoy them like I used to!!!
I'm reminded of the hours and hours and hours I
spent disecting them, and obsessing and freaking
out and being overwhelmed and excited all at the
same time. As Jordis said one night, "This is the
best & worst experience we'll never have again"!!!!!!
Later y'all!!! D

June 12, 2006

WOW, is all I can say about a truly inspiring,
touching, humbling letter I received recently from
NEIL MYERS. He's a wonderful artist and music lover
in Arizona. He sent me an amazing painting, see
below. Here's what Dr Mark Mussari, Author & Art
Critic had to say about Neil. "With a Fauvist's
brilliant sense of color, Myers reinterprets the
Southwest with a more European sensibility."

To see some of Neils work, go to

June 12, 2006

HOLY CRAP, LA PRIDE, Y'ALL ROCK!!!! I had such an
amazing time performing for y'all!! Wow, serious
music lovers!!! Thank you so much to all who were
there rockin'' out to the music. We had a blast!!
Thank you, thank you.....Thanks Gaye Ann Bruno for
having me perform! I look forward to next years
event!!! Thanks Kelly Mullis for taking photos, can't
wait to see 'em (www.myspace.com/kellyart). Great
meeting you 'Erik the Arist' (www.eriktheartist.com).
Looking forward to sporting your fantastic creations.
And of course thanks to my band, Shawn Rorie
(www.shawnrorie.com) and Pat Black (Hee, heee!!!
Inside joke!!) You guys rock!!!!!!

WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Check this out......I saw Paul
Rodgers last night at The Key Club in Palm Springs.
He was unbelievable, seriously. This guy has it ALL
as a singer/performer. His voice is so strong, and
commanding. He has great soul, tone, and tasty
riffs. A HUGE influence on me. This show was so
inspiring, LOVED IT!!!! Thanks so much Chris Crawford
for inviting me. We had a blast, it was a wonderful

concert this Saturday night at The Greek Theater here
in LA. Can't wait!!!! Thanks Kat!!!!!

Photos courtesy of Kelly Mullis

June 12, 2006

Hey y'all...it's come to my attention that I have
uspet and offended some of you with my Little Dolls
Video and the biting off the dove's head. (on my
myspace page, www.myspace.com/deannajohnston)......
actually was the first show we did as a band and also
the last show I did before going on RockStar. That gig
was filled with so many crazy emotions!! The CBS
camera crew were there too filming it! I was so, so
nervous and as I said it was our first show, so I was
FREAKING OUT INSIDE and messed up all kinds of lyrics
and sucked. BUT, I got through it and went on to enjoy
my amazing RockStar experience.

Also, I've received comments that the quality of some
of the videos and other 'issues', make me look less
than 'stellar'. As we've all heard a million
times....'you can't please all the people all of the
time'!!!! I believe that you guys, the fans, are
EVERYTHING for an artist, you'll be the reason I
succeed or fail......so I just wanna give you more of
my musical journey. That's why I've been sharing
songs, video's, photos etc., so you can get to know me
better. Sometimes I suck, look bad, sometimes I'm
on....ya just never know, but it's all real, all me,
imperfections and all.....

June 5, 2006

Wow, what a great gig we had this weekend in
San Diego at the Rock 'n Roll Marathon. It was a blast!!!
Thanks also so much Erin Gaul and Amber Lopez for
having me perform this year and being so accomodating
and professional. Thanks Donna for coming out and taking
photos!! I'll post them!!! Of course the band kicked
ass, Wes Quave on vocals, Chris Clermont on guitar and
vocals, Justin Avery on keys, Joe Ayoub on bass and
Joe Alpers on drums. We pulled out a bunch of tunes
we hadn't expected to play, so it was so much
fun.....later, D

June 1, 2006

Well, if you visit my MySpace page you know about
The SHED!!! Well, it's almost finished!!!! It's a
recording studio my husband is building for me in our
back yard!! Yeah!! Nice to stay at home and work.
Expecting lot's of magic to come outta that place.....

Speaking of MySpace, have you checked mine out
lately??? (www.myspace.com/deannajohnston) Wow, it's
been 'juiced' up big time, by the sweet, unbelievably
kind folks over at TeamMIG, check 'em out:
www.teammigayesa.com Thank you guys so much for all
your help and support!! You're so sweet, I'm
humbled......LATER, D.

May 24, 2006

Hey, check out www.mxlmics.com, I'm excited
to be working with them. This company is really coming up
fast in the industry of microphones. I am a fan of
I track with it in my home studio. Also, check out this link:

Jeff Cohen, GREAT WRITER!! Just met with him
recently, we're planning to do some writing in July,
he's amazing. Check him out: www.panchoslament.com

May 23, 2006

Just got back from New York late last night.
NY was AWESOME!!! So cool!!! What a great city,
so full of life and energy. Love the interesting brick
buildings, and of course the food, especially the
desserts! Yeah!!! The NY Culinary Festival was also
a blast with GREAT FOOD! So great hearing Tara and
Heather do their thang!!! The Spin Doctors kicked
ass, gotta check them out. Met Chris, lead singer,
great guy. Thanks so much to Kris for having me
perform at such a wonderful event.

May 17, 2006

Hey check out this new band I'm
performing with!!!! A killler, 9 piece high energy
corporate band with 4 singers and choreography. Be our
'friend' on MySpace: www.myspace.com/laallstars. It's
a HOT band!!!! For more information go to the website:

May 3, 2006

Hey y'all. Just up in Canada, hanging with family!!!!
So beautiful up here!! Wanted to remind you of a cool
gig I have coming up with two of my fellow
'RockStars', Heather luttrell & Tara Slone. The New
York Culinary Festival on May 20th, see flyer below
for details. I'll be peforming an acoustic set,
should be very cool!!! Never been to NY!!! Later y'all!!!!!!

March 27, 2006

Hey, y'all!!! Wow, sorry it's been a while since I've
been in touch. Really busy right now writing and
recording, REAL BUSY. Which is great, I'm really
excited about what's being created. Been working with
a few people. One person, Shawn Rorie, my guitar
player. This guy is a GREAT songwriter, check him out
here on my space as well as his own website,
www.shawnrorie.com. Also, Devin Powers, a very
sucessful cat in the industry, www.devinpowers.com.
He's created music for some very popular reality TV
shows, like Blind Date, just one example. Chris
Landon, his brother Dean and I just wrote a great song
together. They are the cats who wrote 'You'. Also,
been writing again with a girlfriend of mine from
Canada, of course, hee, hee. She's also a
singer/songwriter, a great one. Check out her myspace,
www.myspace.com/steelyrocks. Ty Taylor is on his way
over today to do some writing!!! Always great to see
Ty, he has the BEST energy and spirit and of course a
great songwriter. Let's see, hmmmm, what else, well,
I'll be travelling to NY and Australia soon to work
with some writers. Which is very exciting, since I've
never been to either place!!!! Have family coming to
visit next week!!! Now that's exciting. Do y'all care
about that stuff???? Hee, hee!!! Seriously, though,
things are great, about to sign a 'deal', I'll tell
y'all about it later, once it's official!!!!
Later - D

March 2, 2006

WOW!!!!!! What a FANTASTIC show last night with
Ty Taylor and Brandon Calhoon!!! They were KILLER!!!
Very cool!! Sorry to those who couldn't make it
'cause you're not in the area, but to those of you who
just prefered to sit on the couch and watch TV, man,
you missed out, seriously. Thanks so much to everyone
who did make it out, I so appreciate and need your
support!!! Thanks so much to Derek Frank on the bass,
Shawn Rorie on guitar and Joel Alpers on percussion.
You all were fantastic, thank you, thank you!!!! Ty,
thanks so much for inviting me on the gig, LOVED IT!!
Hey, People, check out Derek Franks MySpace, and
www.dfrank.net, he's a killer musician with lot's
going on, also Shawn Rorie kickin' it on myspace as
well, and www.shawnrorie.com, check him out too.

February 26, 2006

Hey y'all!! Check out this cool new fretless guitar
I'm helping to promote, at www.gofretless.com.
Here's more information:

Think you’ve heard everything the world of music has
to offer? Think again. For the past 12 years, Jon
Szenics has been developing and perfecting a
groundbreaking technology, and now he’s thrilled to
launch the hottest new sound in fretless guitars. His
self-designed fretless guitar is one of two patents he
holds for music-related technology, with many others
in progress. This unique instrument promises a
revolutionary sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard
before! Listen to Jon skillfully play his fretless
lead guitar, in collaboration with Deanna, on this
rockin’ version of Janis Joplin’s “Move Over.” So turn
up your speakers and prepare for the ultimate
experience in the sound of fretless guitars.
Go to www.gofretless.com
to hear Deanna belt out
this Janis Joplin classic.

February 6, 2006

Oh my goodness, can you believe it, my show in
Kingston was rained out. Rain in February in
Kingston, is almost unheard of!!! It's typically very
cold with tons of snow. I was so disappointed, so
many people were terribly disappointed. I feel so
awful for those who traveled to be there. We tried
hard to have the event moved to somewhere inside but
there was nothing any of us could do. I had 40+
family members and close friends there. My band and I
performed a mini show for them in the hotel I was
staying at. It actually turned out to be a very
special night with meaning and love beyond what I
could have expected.

Thank you so much, to both The McCabe families and
their amazing kids, my girlfriends from high school
who I hadn't seen in over 10 years, my great
girlfriend from college, my Dad, my sister, my niece,
my brother-in-law, my band, my bass player friend who
I hadn't seen or played with in 12 years and his
family, Glenn Williams at KRock, Anthony Agostino at
CKWS TV, Mike Reid at BOB FM, Alison Lock for inviting
me to this great event, and so many others who made
the evening so unbelievably rewarding and special!!!